Certus provides a hands-on financing service designed to optimise your working capital. From asset financing, working capital funding, to a traditional overdraft Certus has access to a panel of 75+ competitive financing providers.

Sourcing funds from major financial institutions to specialist lenders, the panel assembled will bid competitively against 90% of applications submitted.

From a single and specific funding requirement to a complete business holistic plan, Certus are able to conduct a 360-degree review and build a funding plan to match your businesses’ requirements.

We break this down into three distinct phases:

  • Phase 1: Connect and discover
  • Phase 2: Funding application
  • Phase 3: Funding secured

Connect and discover (Phase 1)

  • Review client’s financing requirements
  • Assess financial health of the company overall
  • Preliminary application review
  • Complete summary review of company to optimise financing options available
  • Finalise funding requirements

Funding application (Phase 2)

  • Submission of key information and financing requirements to funding panel
  • Management of lenders responses
  • Prepare short listing for client review and final selection

Funding secured (Phase 3)

  • Final funding documentation completed and submitted
  • Final approval received
  • Funding resources available