Strategic business plan design

Commercial structuring

Pricing strategies

Rate card design

Financial impact assessment

Company valuation maximisation


Certus provides hands-on financial modelling and commercial structuring advisory, assisting clients building their business ideas and ambitions into coherent financial plans, fully supported with metrics, drivers, costings and measurable actions.

Certus breaks down model design and completion into three distinct phases:

  • Phase 1: Connect and discover
  • Phase 2: Preliminary model development  
  • Phase 3: Refinement, stress testing, and approval

Connect and discover (Phase 1)

Understand client’s commercial strategy for the assignment and final outcomes desired.

Review, financially, the end-to-end solution design, sales planning, and current costings that are in place, reconciled, linking them to underlying key business drivers and understanding their influence.

Assess status of the project overall and pressure points that exist currently.

Preliminary model development (Phase 2)

Either using clients’ pre-approved formats, or Certus’ own, build a financial model to encompass the scope of the assignment.

Prepare first and second pass versions for review with key stakeholders Freeze a preliminary reference model, ready for final refinement and completion.

Refinement, stress testing and final approval (Phase 3)

Final fine tuning of Phase 2 model.

Test assumptions, stress test drivers, review and revise, with key stakeholders, to final state. Model approved by client as completed, handover undertaken, including backup files and supporting documentation.

Example of Scope of Work

Preparation of financial models that including:

  • Multiyear business model
  • Profit and loss
  • Balance sheet
  • Operational cash flow
  • Funds flow statement
  • Asset investment summary
  • Staffing levels report
  • Key drivers and metrics summaries
  • Submissions into investment memorandum
  • Company valuation and impact assessment

Supporting any fund-raising round:

  • Attending, presenting, and supporting potential investor and financing initiatives